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HHO Kits - Fuel Saver Technology

Use HHO Kits to save money and environment

HHO kits are the systems for your car that converts water into HHO gas and adds it to the combustion process of the engine that way improving gasoline combustion for up to 50%, keeping the engine cooler and reducing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions from the engine. There are many people who say that you can't run your car on water and they are partially right. It is true, you can't run your car solely on water but you can make a HYBRID car out of it.

By installing a HHO kit you can improve your�car fuel efficiency by as much as 50%, depending on which system you are using. So, the rumors are right, you can't run your car on water but you can still reduce your monthly gasoline costs by up to 50%! And think about what you would be doing for the environment and for yourself! HHO kits can reduce negative emissions by up to 60%. If every fifth car in the world was a HHO Hybrid the emissions levels would drop for the same amount as if 25 million cars were dumped from the planet. Our fuel consumption would drop for up to 30% reducing dependency on foreign oil and lowering gasoline prices. Only about 20% of gasoline is combusted properly and 80% is usually wasted. By installing a HHO kit in your car you improve gasoline combustion that way reducing fuel consumption. Your engine will no longer need the same amount of fuel for proper combustion and desired power output. With HHO kit your engine will produce the same amount of power using up to 50% less gasoline than before! This will improve you mpg and mileage and reduce number of visits to the gas station.

HHO kit is very easy to install

It is made of a water container, some metal plates used for electrolysis process, some tubing and some wiring. It can be made in many variations depending on your creativity and skill and it can be fitted almost anywhere you want. Parts for a HHO kit can be found at a local tool shop or even in your garage. They usually don't cost more than fifty bucks so don't be scared by people who say it is much more expensive, they just have the wrong opinion that good quality products have to cost a lot in order to work. Actually, it is quite opposite, the best things are usually free or very cheap. If you have some skills and know a little about electronics and car engines you can easily build and install your own HHO kit by yourself. But if you are not that confident in yourself you can always take it to your local mechanic to build it and install it for you or just assist you in the process. It usually shouldn't take more than half an hour to do it unless you have something very special and demanding on your mind.

HHO kit can be fitted on almost every car model of any make

It fits in any car because it is based on simple principles that work in almost any condition. The finished product is about the size of a small box or a jar depending on which style you prefer. It can be made specifically for your car for maximum space exploitation and compact fitting. The size of the HHO kit depends on your engine model, water reservoir volume and outer housing if you chose to use one. And if you somehow don't like the results you are getting, the installation process is completely reversible and easy to do. So if you want to start saving gasoline, increase mpg and mileage, keep your engine cooler and smooth running, help save our environment and improve your living the HHO kit is the right thing for you, either you chose to build it yourself or have a mechanic do the work for you.

When it comes to HHO Kits there are many sources on the internet, but just a few of them explaining the essence of HHO technology.

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