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Hybrid Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

Hybrid Cars Advantages and Disadvantages

Author: Hilal Abdelwali
Hybrid cars are considered as the car of the future. It is able to effectively conserve fuel and at the same time, it only produces low levels of toxic fumes. Because of these benefits, hybrid cars are now growing in popularity every single day. Many people are now considering getting rid of their conventional cars and purchase a hybrid car to help in cutting fuel consumption cost.

Hybrid cars have two engines for it to effectively conserve fuel consumption. It has the traditional gasoline engine and it also has an electric motor and batteries. The two engines work together in order to cut fuel consumption. With this technology, you will be able to cut fuel usage by more than half. Just imagine, with a hybrid car, you will be able to go more than 60 miles to the gallon. With this kind of savings, hybrid cars are definitely the car of the future.

Hybrid car owners virtually do not feel the increasing cost in fuel prices. This is the main advantage of the hybrid car. There are other advantages that a hybrid car can give you. Recently, the President of the United States has signed an agreement that hybrid car buyers will be able to enjoy tax incentives. This means that by owning a hybrid car, you will be able to save money on taxes.

There are other benefits that the government imposes on hybrid car owners, such as free parking, and free entry to car pool lanes. Some even offer discounted fees on toll gates.

The braking in hybrid cars is also configured to capture the energy released and uses it to charge the batteries inside the hybrid car. This means that unlike electric cars, hybrid cars do not actually need to be charged from your home electric outlet.

However, with all the advantages that a hybrid car can give you, there are also disadvantages. The main disadvantage of hybrid cars is that the retail price is quite expensive. Only people who have enough money can purchase hybrid cars. However, the twist in all this is that hybrid cars are actually cheaper when compared to conventional cars in the long run. If you compute the total fuel consumption of both cars, you will actually see that you can save a lot more money on hybrid cars.

The only thing is that hybrid cars are expensive right from the car lot.

Hybrid cars are relatively heavy because of the heavy batteries installed inside the car. This is why hybrid car manufacturers integrates smaller internal combustion engines and are constructed with light materials and should be aerodynamic in order to maximize efficiency. This means that hybrid cars can never really go fast.

Another issue about hybrid cars is that it is very risky in accidents. What makes a hybrid car work effectively is also what makes it risky if it ever gets involved in an accident. This is because hybrid cars stores high amount of voltage in its batteries. This means that there is a high chance of getting electrocuted when you get involved in an accident. This also means that it is relatively difficult for rescuers to get the drivers and passengers out of the hybrid cars because of the dangers of high voltage in the car.

These are the advantages and the disadvantages of hybrid cars. Car manufacturers today are now looking for ways to get rid of the disadvantages of hybrid cars. In the near future, you will see that hybrid cars will be lighter and also contains less risk due to high voltage dangers.
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HHO Kits - Fuel Saver Technology

Use HHO Kits to save money and environment

HHO kits are the systems for your car that converts water into HHO gas and adds it to the combustion process of the engine that way improving gasoline combustion for up to 50%, keeping the engine cooler and reducing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions from the engine. There are many people who say that you can't run your car on water and they are partially right. It is true, you can't run your car solely on water but you can make a HYBRID car out of it.

By installing a HHO kit you can improve your�car fuel efficiency by as much as 50%, depending on which system you are using. So, the rumors are right, you can't run your car on water but you can still reduce your monthly gasoline costs by up to 50%! And think about what you would be doing for the environment and for yourself! HHO kits can reduce negative emissions by up to 60%. If every fifth car in the world was a HHO Hybrid the emissions levels would drop for the same amount as if 25 million cars were dumped from the planet. Our fuel consumption would drop for up to 30% reducing dependency on foreign oil and lowering gasoline prices. Only about 20% of gasoline is combusted properly and 80% is usually wasted. By installing a HHO kit in your car you improve gasoline combustion that way reducing fuel consumption. Your engine will no longer need the same amount of fuel for proper combustion and desired power output. With HHO kit your engine will produce the same amount of power using up to 50% less gasoline than before! This will improve you mpg and mileage and reduce number of visits to the gas station.

HHO kit is very easy to install

It is made of a water container, some metal plates used for electrolysis process, some tubing and some wiring. It can be made in many variations depending on your creativity and skill and it can be fitted almost anywhere you want. Parts for a HHO kit can be found at a local tool shop or even in your garage. They usually don't cost more than fifty bucks so don't be scared by people who say it is much more expensive, they just have the wrong opinion that good quality products have to cost a lot in order to work. Actually, it is quite opposite, the best things are usually free or very cheap. If you have some skills and know a little about electronics and car engines you can easily build and install your own HHO kit by yourself. But if you are not that confident in yourself you can always take it to your local mechanic to build it and install it for you or just assist you in the process. It usually shouldn't take more than half an hour to do it unless you have something very special and demanding on your mind.

HHO kit can be fitted on almost every car model of any make

It fits in any car because it is based on simple principles that work in almost any condition. The finished product is about the size of a small box or a jar depending on which style you prefer. It can be made specifically for your car for maximum space exploitation and compact fitting. The size of the HHO kit depends on your engine model, water reservoir volume and outer housing if you chose to use one. And if you somehow don't like the results you are getting, the installation process is completely reversible and easy to do. So if you want to start saving gasoline, increase mpg and mileage, keep your engine cooler and smooth running, help save our environment and improve your living the HHO kit is the right thing for you, either you chose to build it yourself or have a mechanic do the work for you.

When it comes to HHO Kits there are many sources on the internet, but just a few of them explaining the essence of HHO technology.

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Robotic Sensors and Smart Car Technologies Will Lead to More Frequency Pollution

In the not so far off future, our automobiles will practically drive themselves. In other words you can put them on autopilot, while you are on the freeway, and they will merely follow the car in front of you, and if it starts to brake or slowdown, the car you are driving in will also automatically do the same, therefore keeping you out of danger.
Your car will also have artificial intelligence and many of the typical drives that you do during the week will go into the car's memory banks, and with voice control you can tell the car that you wish to go to the grocery store, to Starbucks, or to pick your kids up from school, and your car will oblige and set off in that direction all by itself. Almost like having your own taxi driver. Do you think this is too far-fetched?
Well you shouldn't because Lexis, Mercedes, and many of the other high-end automobile makers already have cars which parallel park themselves. The technology already exists for trucks to drive in convoys where each of the vehicles is talking to each other. If the vehicle in front starts to slow down, it automatically slows down all the trucks in the row. This allows them to travel at high rates of speed nearly bumper-to-bumper. This saves fuel just like saving energy in the Tour de France when all the bicyclists get in a row.
Pedestrians will be safe because the cars will have radar, infrared, sonar, and or lidar. However, with all these robotic sensors and SmartCar technologies, there will also be more Frequency Pollution. Already people are complaining about the scanners at the airport, the x-rays at the dental office, and even the self checkout at the grocery store as it does the barcode scan. These little amounts of energy are probably not going to hurt you much, just as a.5 W cell phone probably doesn't put too much microwave frequency into your brain if you're using it in moderate durations of time.
However, if you are driving a lot and all the time, you will be constantly bombarded with all of this frequency, which will not be good for your biosystem or the cells in your body. Are you beginning to see the problem here? Perhaps someone needs to invent a car body and windows which will stop this frequency pollution from getting inside the vehicle and hurting the occupants. But what about those who are sitting at outdoor caf├ęs, traffic policeman directing traffic, bicyclists or pedestrians? Someone needs to consider all this.
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New Technology To Alert Sleepy Car Drivers

Driving can be tiring at times, but being fatigued whilst driving can lead to fatal consequences. It is estimated some 100,000 crashes a year are caused by over-tired drivers in the US, and fatigue may cause some 18% of all fatal collisions. Research shows conclusively that drowsiness is the largest single cause of road traffic accidents.

It is advisable that drivers rest for every four hours they drive and pull over for a break when they are tired. Sometimes, however, this is not possible. Traditional remedies for droopy eyes have ranged from opening a window for cold air, drinking caffeine or listening to loud music. Scientists across the globe have been hard at work finding novel solutions for keeping a fatigued driver awake.

Saab was the first manufacturer to tackle the problem, unveiling an infra-red monitoring system, the Attention Warning System, shown as a development project in 2007. Since then Mercedes has produced the Attention Assist system, standard on some models. This system relates to an individual driver profile it stores on its computer and compares that to data from the car’s sensors, monitoring the individual’s state of alertness.

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) in Ilmenau, Germany have developed a system for alerting a tired driver by tracking their eye movement and issuing a warning before they nod off. The Eyetracker was recently unveiled at a vision-industry trade fair in Stuttgart. The system records a 3-D image of the driver, monitoring the eye’s line of vision and if it detects that the eye is closed for too long a period, an alarm sounds alerting the driver. This system is small and cheaper than many similar systems aimed at alerting sleepy drivers.

Another similar solution is the Driver Fatigue Monitor by Attention Technologies Inc. USA. This is a dashboard mounted camera that measures the frequency with which a driver closes his eyes, known as PERCLOS, Percentage of Eye Closure. If the camera senses that the eyes have been shut longer then a pre-defined period a warning alarm is sounded to rouse the driver.

A slightly different solution by Danish company ASP Technology is known as the Anti-Sleep Pilot. The ASP is a dashboard device that will ask the driver to respond to tests after a period of uninterrupted driving. These simple tests are designed to measure how alert you are, with the computer timing your response speed. If you fail to respond in time, the Anti-Sleep Pilot will advise you to stop driving and rest.

All these systems have one thing in common: they help a drowsy driver avoid a potentially fatal accident. That said, even when you’re wide awake, being a safe driver can help prevent accidents which can prevent you having to pay for costly repairs, such as a car window replacement.

Source: Articlealley, + Daniel Collins