Saturday, October 5, 2013

Types of Ford F-150 Headlights

If there is any automobile that has immense reputation and popularity in the United States, F-150 is the only model of Ford which has made this accomplishment possible. It is a pickup truck which is a true combination of beauty, power and ability. For some people, it becomes difficult to understand the relationship between beauty and truck. F-150 is not like old and ugly monster trucks that were used for commercial transportation and other business use. Pickup trucks of these days tell a completely different story. They have strength, elegance and status associated with them. It is all achievable with the advancement in lighting technologies.
Earlier there were normal yellow colored incandescent bulbs that existed as car headlights. There were common lights for all models, and no further categorization exists for brands and their respective models. Now, there are several different lights available that are specifically made for Ford F-150 and well-known as F-150 headlights. Numerous stylish options available for this pickup truck are:
CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent light) Halo Projector headlights are positioned on the first place on the basis of users' preferences. These are bolt-on head lamps that produce more focused and sharp beam providing safety to the driver driving in the nighttime. The bulb is placed in front of an elliptical shaped reflector which reflects light towards a single focal point in the bulb front. There are CCFL Halo and bright LED lights that create real magic inside these head lights. These lights are accessible in black, smoked and chrome color options. These CCFL Halo Projector or normal Projector head lamps also come up with HID Xenon kits that give extra brightness by radiating higher, wider and farther light beam than the regular halogen lamps.
Halo LED Projector Headlights are also based on same internal chemistry as owned by CCFL Halo Projector head lamps, but the bulbs used in these lights are LED type. Light Emitting Diode (LED) based bulbs are energy-efficient and produce light with excellent brilliance as compared to other lights. When the HID Xenon kit is installed in the Halo LED Projector, it results in the formation of a new Ford F-150 head light, known as Halo LED Projector with HID Xenon kit.
Euro Headlights are another existing light type that encloses conventional parabolic type reflectors with unique style bulbs. The reflectors used in these lights are multi-faceted. These lights can also be explained as the projector headlights with HID, Halogen or LED bulbs. There might be Halos surrounding this head lamp along with LED running lamps and yellow or red side reflectors. Euro front lights give brilliant illumination and safety during the drive and make the vehicle appears exclusive. There are multiple color options existing in these front lamps. One can add HID kits to euro head lamps producing dazzling light without consuming much battery power.
LED Daytime Running Lights are the light forms that are associated with the headlights, but are used during the daytime. The purpose of these lights is to give protection to the driver during daytime. Here, LED bulbs are used in different shapes and sizes, decreasing the risk of accidents.
All these lighting assemblies are specially designed for the Ford F-150. A person can choose the most suitable light according to his F-150 model year and budget. Although the costs of all these front lights are genuine, but there is a bit variation in the pricing according to technology and specifications. Always prefer the one that best suits your F-150 model.
Impressively new styling Ford F150 headlights in different styles and colors those set your Ford apart from the stock ones. To visit variety of auto lights, click:

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Latest Toyota Vios

The brand new Toyota Vios has been dramatically changed and there is a preference of modern versions or a sporty design. At this point in its 3rd development, the Toyota Vios is demonstrating more than ever to be an affordable yet luxurious and spacious vehicle.

Toyota has put sensible design and style to work by taking the original shape of the 2007 Vios and adding exquisite design changes to complement its contoured shape. The 2010 Vios boasts a completely new grille: the bars of the grille curve smoothly downwards towards the middle point, giving the grille a slight "V" look, and providing the car an all round sporty look and feel. The tail lamps on this particular 2010 type are also new: they bend slightly in an outward direction and present a more sizing appearance to the rear. The electrically foldable lateral mirrors are also an addition to the brand new Vios.

Toyota Malaysia has presented the 1.5 TRD Sportivo, 1.5G, 1.5E and 1.5J versions to this country.

Toyota has included sophisticated characteristics which are distinct to each variant: attractive interior chrome trimmings and combination leather car seats are distinct lavish enhancements that are available on some of the variants. The 1.5 TRD Sportivo is the cheeky and sporty variant of the lot, and comes with a leather cover steering wheel, 15 inch, 7 spoke alloy wheels and a 5 part Aerokit , which expands the sleek and sporty style of the Vios.

The Toyota Vios has been intelligently created so that the shape of the automobile always makes parking in tiny areas highly easy. The Vios also has a minimum turning radius of 4.9 metres, making it quick when performing sharp turns or u-turns.

The VVT-i engine is Toyota's hallmark technology and is the key element to the Vios's superior overall performance: the engine is distinctively created to automatically alter valve timing to be able to deliver strong acceleration. The VVT-i engine has also been diligently devised to greatly reduce fuel consumption and create cleaner emissions.

The 1.5 TRD Sportivo, 1.5G and 1.5E models are auto transmission, unlike the 1.5J offers the auto transmission variant along with the manual transmission variant. Within the automatic transmission varieties, the Super Electronic Controlled Transmission technology offers you smoother gear shifts and is made to select the optimum gear position for an comfortable drive.

The interior of the latest Vios is roomy, with more comfortable, supporting car seats, both for the front and rear travellers. There is also ample amounts of legroom, most notably for the rear travellers, making the Vios perfect for conveniently transporting three adult passengers in the rear. The boot space is abundant and can be widened additionally, when needed, by folding the rear seats flat.

Whether you are interested in the Vios as a motor vehicle for yourself or even for your family, Toyota has included the Vios with extra safety mechanisms, offering you ultimate reassurance. The structure of the automobile's body has been constructed and tested to disperse impact energy all throughout the structure of the vehicle, thereby reducing impact on one particular spot and lowering the chance of injury to the passengers of the automobile. Another safety mechanism is the Brake Assist technological innovation: the automobile intelligently picks up when the driver is carrying out an emergency brake and supplies extra braking power.

The Toyota Vios is selling from RM72,000. With the performance, safety and high quality offered, backed by Toyota's world renowned name, this automobile is true worth beyond money. -- More information on Toyota Vios and TRD Sportivo available at Toyota Malaysia's website Source:

Saturday, June 29, 2013

How To Make Fuel From Thin Air

 Bob Jenings, Technical Director, alchemist  will tell us how he can turn air into liquid gold and  there's no technical reason why it can't be produce in larch scale. This may be the modern day breakthrough read more stories about this....How To Make Fuel From Thin Air

Friday, May 17, 2013

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Can Fly

 The next-gen TF-X will be a street legal plug-in hybrid car that has collapsible wings, retractable propellers, and is capable of driving and flying on its own in the event of an emergency...MORE

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Car maintenance advice to avoid accidents

Taking care of your tyres is something that most people don't think about when they think about their vehicles. If you're one of those people who don't think about it, you might want to start reconsidering. Tyres can play a huge role in how well your vehicle operates and how well it stays maintained. If it doesn't stay well-maintained, you could easily end up with an accident. That could harm you, someone else, or both. There's no way to completely avoid accidents all of the time, but one of the best ways you can avoid them most of the time is by paying attention and taking care of your own things. Your tyres are what keep you anchored to the road. If you don't take good care of them how will you stay on that road safely? A tyre that isn't properly inflated and maintained can suddenly rupture, can go flat, and can give you a rough ride that might cause you to endanger other drivers. Tyres that are old and that the tread isn't good on can also be very slick in rain, ice, or snow. Sliding off the road or into other drivers is not uncommon. Make sure you take good care of your car and your tyres, and you'll be a lot safer out there with the other drivers.

Another big safety and maintenance concern for cars is the brakes. If you don't have good brakes and you need to stop quickly, you're much more likely to be involved in an accident. You and/or someone else could be serious hurt if that takes place, not to mention the damage to your vehicle and any other vehicles that you might hit. There is potential for a lot of pain, aggravation, and expense if you have poorly-maintained brakes on a car. Make sure that you get them checked out and that you take care of them as your mechanic or your owner's manual says you should. Try not to drive through large puddles and get your brakes too wet, either, because it can keep them from working well until they dry out. It's a risk, especially when the roads are already slick. If you haven't maintained your brakes well, they'll be much more likely to perform poorly if they get wet, so keep them changed at the proper intervals and inspect them regularly. It's another easy way to help keep yourself and others safe.
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Does Water Car Technology Deliver Better Gas Mileage?

Water car technology? Really? Are you kidding me? Not at all. Sensible scientists and inventors have long known that energy can be extracted from water and can then be used as a supplementary fuel for ordinary cars and trucks. So what exactly is water car technology? And how does it work?
The key to water car technology is tap water. Ordinary clean tap water. In high school chemistry, we learned that water (H2O) is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. The gas your car engine needs is Oxyhydrogen (HHO, also called Brown's Gas). When water is broken down by a process called electrolysis, the gas called Oxyhydrogen becomes available. There are guides you can get on the internet showing how to do this in a weekend with parts that are readily available and cheap.
Industrial plants have been using electrolysis for many years and the basic process is well known. In this case, the easy-to-install additions to your car engine will enable it to produce Oxyhydrogen gas (HHO) from water - right there in your vehicle, and safely. Thousands of drivers are now using water gas technology and reporting impressive boosts to their MPG. Up 25% all the way through to over 200% in one case I read about (follow the link at the end to read these astonishing testimonials).
1) You use less petrol.
2) As a result, you produce less pollution.
3) Your fuel costs go down because water is cheaper than gasoline.
4) You save money.
In fact, as fuel prices continue to escalate, you save more and more. So do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with the facts about water car engines through the links below.
Yes, You Can Run Your Car On Water And Save On Rising Fuel Costs - []
Run Cars on Water: How to convert your car to water - Water Power Cars []
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Want to Become a Mechanic for Electric Cars? Some Trivia to Inspire

You are pursuing auto mechanic training with a niche in mind: you want to specialize in servicing the new breed of mass-market electric cars. Whether you work in a dealership or at your own garage, it will be in your best interest to learn as much as possible about the culture of electric cars. Your customers will see you as an expert on this rapidly changing sector. They may come to you for advice, for instance, on buying their next car. These kind of informal conversations about electric cars will help strengthen your relationship with your customer base, greatly increasing your marketability and employability after you become a mechanic. But what kind of information can you share with your customers? Here are some ideas of the kind of information - that may come up in your classes - that can be shared with future customers. Electric cars aren't new As you will no doubt learn during the course of your auto mechanic training, electricity has been used to power cars for over a century. Students at auto training schools around the world reacted in awe to news last spring that Porsche had built a replica of the world's first hybrid car, the Porsche Semper Vivus, which had been designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1900. (Imagine, there wasn't any auto mechanic training back then!) It took graduates of auto training schools employed by Porsche several years to reconstruct this beauty, which used two conventionally powered combustion engines to generate electricity for its batteries. Plug-in time will vary depending on the voltage level of the charger Customers often consult mechanics on their next choice of car. As a graduate of auto mechanic training with a specialization in electric systems, you will need to familiarize yourself with the different charging times needed by different cars, depending on the voltage of the charger. An electrified Ford Focus, for example, can be charged in as little as three hours on a 240-volt Level 2 charger, but the process can extend to as long as 20 hours when using a much less powerful 120-volt charger. As you become a mechanic, you should read industry magazines and attend industry events to keep up with this type of crucial knowledge. The price range for electric cars is… Auto mechanic training won't teach you how to sell cars, but it is in your best interest to keep up with the changes in the market. Currently, fans of electric cars can spend as much as $845,000 on a top-of-the line model, e.g., the Porsche 918 Spyder, or as comparatively little as $21,000, e.g., the Mitsubishi I MiEV. Mid-range price might be considered around $30,000 (Nissan Leaf). Some people prefer to electrify existing vehicles rather than to buy new. Most of this information will probably come your way quite naturally as you become a mechanic specializing in the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles. But it can pay to keep your eyes and ears open to electric car information as you pursue your auto mechanic training. The more you know about your chosen field, the more your future customers will view you as a trusted resource. -- Visit the Canadian Automotive and Trucking Institute for more information on Auto mechanic training and to learn how to become a mechanic.

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