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Is Your Vehicle Equipped With GPS?

Finally, the time of unreadable map guides having missing pages, pieces of paper with half finished directions printed down, and quarrels with your sweetheart the minute he or she becomes suddenly lost and refuses to get directions are over. GPS has been invented, and it is undoubtedly fast becoming more popular as THE navigation resource as more and more Americans recognize its features. In case you are a GPS virgin and have simply no notion what exactly this particular wondrous invention can perform for your personal life, read on.

GPS is an abbreviation for Global Positioning System. In simple terms, it is a navigational system that allows an in-car unit to identify its location based on expertise that it receives via one of 24 satellites which are revolving about in space. GPS is wonderful, not simply due to the fact it let you know where you are, plus just how to get from point A to point B, but it can likewise advise you about the sites involving tourist destinations, fast food places, and gas stations. Most of these are certainly handy points to know when you find yourself driving in your automobile.

In regards to GPS components, the price tag will be determined by which kind of unit you purchase and what functions it has. A simple GPS navigation tool that is fastened on the vehicle window, has a smaller sized touch screen, as well as minimal abilities, will merely run you somewhere around $100. Then there are the multi-country, large-screen versions which offer real-time traffic data that might run you about $400. The key is to determine just how you will make use of the GPS device. Would it be just for self use about your city, or perhaps because of employment use which involves prolonged traveling? Try to find a kind that's going to meet your needs appropriately.

The 2 well-known brand names which deliver GPS for the United States market place continue to be Tom Tom and Garmin. They tend to be fiercely competitive against each other concerning the cost and system choices that are available, which in turn, obviously, is very helpful to the consumer. The ultimate thought will likely to be made regarding options required, in contrast to what price you can buy the product for on a certain day. Scanning product feedbacks by individuals which have used the product before you is normally a terrific way to obtain a true and genuine idea with regards to any positives and negatives with the unit, especially in terms of consistency and unit assembly.

Although some GPS systems tend to be elemental regarding the functionality made available, which usually is resembled within the total price, a variety of other devices present numerous other sorts of selections which might be very useful. As an example, a number of systems offer real-time traffic reports where the device will tell you of any traffic delays taking effect on the route you've chosen and provide a different course of action to take. Aid in telling you in which lane you'll need to be traveling in and speaking the actual road you should take, instead of the usual "turn right in 1 mile" is another. Many types supply a predictive copy functionality where it can anticipate the actual highway you want rather than you generally being forced to tap out the actual name

One particular popular performance is known as GPS for car tracking; oftentimes seen on higher end units or merely available as a vehicle logging units. These units will allow you to search for a vehicle in real-time anyplace in the country by employing satellite tracking along with usage of Google maps. Want to determine precisely where your stolen family car went, or simply need to maintain tabs on your company truck? A GPS navigation tracker can furnish up-to-date locations. Many families also have wanted to know, "Can a GPS device aid me in tracking my teen?" The answer is, yes !. Now you'll be able to identify where exactly the child drives your family car, just how long they stop at each location, and just how fast they are also driving. Each device varies, so do some study on what capabilities the version you are interested in can give.

A GPS navigation unit installed inside your car will certainly boost your driving experience. It will help you to travel confidently regarding directions and may also motivate you to drive to getaways that you would have been reluctant to attempt before. Select a GPS navigation product and get into motoring effortlessly.

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More About Audi as Super Power Car

The word "Audi" takes no introduction. These Automobile innovators and creators from Germany develop all the vehicles from Supermini to Mighty SUV's. Audi begun with its first automobile "Audi Type A", and today it rules the minds of most of the MIGHT-lovers all over the world with it's latest release of 2012 Audi R8.  Nowadays, Audi is a creator of myriads of Super Cars like Audi R8, Audi A8, Audi Q7, Audi TT Coupe, Audi RS6, RS4 etc..

Audi R8 - Beginning from a particularly incredible sports car, Audi R8 is exactly what a sports vehicle lover probably be dreaming about. Unlike numerous Supercars, the good thing of R8 is that it is a lot cozy. Ride on an Audi R8 can never provide a stiff back and tired legs. It is a best mixture of a compromising suspension system, competence of performance, and luxuriousness. It's suspension systel adjusts easily with the road conditions and driving style. So, it's going to be just right for you, whoever you happen to be!

R8 can be purchased in 3 engines one of 560 horsepower is the best model. Other two come with 525 and 430 HP Engines. The top model gets 6 speed automated transmission. The 414 BHP unit offers a zipping speed of 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and it's really top speed is 187 Miles per Hour! It has efficient Ceramic Brakes, which stop it's quick-recepting four wheel drive in a jiffy.  It's emissions are also low as when compared with other super autos. Get ready to experience its ride by restricting environment by a mere 318 grams per kilometre!

Audi TT Coupe - This Super-car have taken an unparalleled ubiquitousness. An incredible performance, ample functionality, controlled handling, unequaled quality and wear & tear. Audi gives 2 engines on this car to chose from. One os 2.0 litre TFSI and other is 3.2 Litre V6. It will take you running at the speed of 62 miles per hour within the timespan of 6.6 seconds and can carry you upto 149 mph with it's 197 BHP turbo four engine. This supercar feels more sporty but you have to give up your luxury for it. It's kind of a lot more noisy and a little poor suspension system.

Audi A8 - This super car is often better recognized by a super luxury Vehicle. It features a good fuel economy, truly superb suspension, 4 wheel drive, and a technically enhanced interiors. If you prefer a sports supercar and still not want to skimp on with your luxury, Audi A8 is the roadster to suit your needs.  Its big Comfort reveals a wide shift-lever built to mimic the accelerator Lever from a motor yacht. This is a really professional Vehicle. You possess an availability to control almost all the major features for driving an Audi. You must be a professional to drive in an A8. It has a minimal problem with a smaller trunk space, but it is still prevail over with the enjoyable features that it delivers.

Audi RS6 - A SUPER PERFORMANCE supercar indeed, Audi RS6 has a 5 litre V10 engine with double turbos which push out 571 BHP and 479 Pounds feet of torque! It will not be surprising if it is mentioned here that an Audi RS6 can accelarate  upto 62 mph in 4.4 seconds and going upto the top speed of 155 mph. It comes with a lots of ease and comfort too. A properly mentioned suspension system and amazing interiors which are varied at the touch of a button. Audi RS6 has great handling too. It Bends and makes superswift turns reaching to the peak of every probable law of physics used! No fear of bodyroll. This is a too practical and high quality style of a supercar from Audi.

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Electric Kit Cars Build Your Own!

Every day I read about how electric kit cars are coming--and soon! The New York Times says "a national electric car charging infrastructure" is in the works. "This consists of electricity charging spots with plug-in outlets all over the country."

And Forbes magazine just had an article that said, "A future where drivers tell utility companies when and where to charge their electric vehicles and with what source of energy--wind, sun or coal, for instance--could be as close as two years away."

But you don't have to wait. You can actually start converting your gas-powered car into an electric-powered car today! This means your car will no longer use gas. You'll install special batteries into your car and those alone will provide the power. It used to be very expensive to do such a conversion, but new electric car technology has made it easy and affordable for everyone.

How do you go about doing this? First you have to purchase an electric car conversion kit, or instruction manual. These are available on the internet for immediate download. They usually cost $35 - $50. Next you'll need tools and parts. These manuals show you how to find free batteries and other parts. The total cost of the whole conversion could cost as little as $300 (not including the manual).

Then you follow the step-by-step directions. Your car should be able to go about 50 mph and travel 100 miles or so on a single charge. You "refuel" your new electric car by simply plugging it into an electric socket. Then you're good to go for another 100 miles. You don't ever have to pay for gas again! Plus, your car doesn't emit any pollutant by-products, or create obnoxious noise.

The best part is, the state and federal government will actually pay you to drive an electric car. There are huge rebates available for electric kit cars. When you add everything together--the money saved on gas, the rebates--you really aren't spending a dime for the conversion. In fact, you're making money!

This is not only a fun project, but you'll also learn all about renewable energy. Big batteries that can store electricity for transportation and wind and solar generation are the next big industry. These batteries are the key to clean-technology.

As the song goes, "the times they are-a-changing." They sure are. As Detroit goes down the tubes, the writing on the wall is clear: the future is electric kit cars. It's an awesome vision, and you can become part of it today!
There are many electric powered cars conversion kits available. Find out which ones get the highest ratings at Electric Car Conversion Kits.

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Facts About Honda Motors

Honda is the largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines in the world, with more than 14 million engines built each year; Honda has established a name for itself in the automobile industry. Renowned for its massively preferred bikes, the Honda CBR is an example of the most well liked sports bikes in history. However Honda has not just limited its market to bikes alone, today Honda has a galvanizing collection of cars, SUVs and trucks to its name, and the Honda bargain is perhaps one of the most well liked in its class today. This text will discuss the assorted models of Honda vehicles and SUVs and their history.

Honda Cars

Honda Accord Accessories
The first automobile that established Honda in America and the United Kingdom was the Civic, the 1974 Civic was an ideal blend of power and looks, and was an instant success with Yankee and Brit car owners. The problem with the Civic was that although it was fuel efficient and had looks, it was still not sufficiently large for the average American and English automobile owner. However, what clinched the deal for the Civic was that they actually modified their engine to meet US emission laws, whereas other automobiles now required a catalytic converter the Honda Civics' engine was compliant with Yankee and European emission laws.
By 1976, Honda launched the Accord that was larger than the Civic and sported a tough engine, and compared to other medium sized automobiles it was much more fuel efficient. Just like the Civic the Honda was an instant success and Honda became the first ever Eastern auto company to establish a manufacturing plant in the States in the year was 1982. Today nearly 30 years after the Civic and the Accord are one of the most popular cars from the stables of Honda. As well as the Civic and deal, Honda also has its own luxury segment cars, and one of the most well liked expensive cars is the Honda Acura.
Apart from manufacturing quality cars, Honda has made a name for itself in the market by coming up with inventions like improved VTECH engines, and the 1st automobile with four wheel drive was also from Honda (the Honda Prelude). Today Honda has a firm hold on the Yankee and UK market, and more and more people are buying Honda cars for their fuel potency and environmental friendly emissions.

Honda SUVs

Honda Accord Parts 
The first ever SUV launched by Honda was the Isuzu built Passport, the Honda passport was not immediately successful but with the arrival of other SUVs like the Acura and CR-V, Honda has made its presence felt in the SUV market. The biggest advantage that Honda SUVs has over other SUVs is their engine, Honda engines are known for being robust yet fuel efficient at the same time.

Today Honda has a definite presence in the automobile industry and more vehicle owners have started buying Honda Automobiles and SUVs. If you are looking for a vehicle that is powerful yet at the same time fuel efficient, then a look at a catalogue of Honda products is a must.
Check out some of the coolest and most exotic cars in the world at and also check have a look at Honda Fit

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Few Interesting Car- facts

Ever since the invention of automobiles, there had been continuous endeavors to invent new designs and technologies. This led to many events which later became important chapters of the history of the automobile industry by introducing new cars even in India.

The following are some of such car facts which include inventions, ideas and technologies which became pave stones in the making of latest car.

It was in 1782, the first engine crank was built . The man behind this revolutionary invention was James Watt whose improvements in the steam engine where fundamental to the changes brought by Industrial revolution in the Great Britain and the rest of the world.Car Parts & Accessories Here

The first toll roads in U.S where opened in Pennsylvania and Connecticut in the year 1792. This introduced quality high speed roads to existence.Car Tires Here

Another major inventions which revolutionised modern automobile engines was of the spark plug

and internal combustion engines. In 1858, Jean Joseph Lenoir invented a two stroke internal combustion engine fueled by coal gas and triggered by an electric spark-ignition.

Modern tyres are derived from the invention by Charles Goodyear , the vulcanised rubber in 1844.

In 1895,Andre Michelin designed and fitted the first air filled tire to the motor car.

The complex laws and regulations for automobiles started in 1865 when speed restrictions introduced in UK. The act known as the "Locomotive act ", restricted the speed of horse-less vehicles to 4mph in the open country an 2mph in towns.

Karl Benz invented and patented radiators in 1885 for using in his first horseless carriage.

In the year 1887 the first car was offered for sale, it was by Benz. Nine years later Duryea first started the production of motor vehicles in the U.S

Auto insurance , the multi billion dollar industry now forms an integral part of automobile registration laws. In the year 1897, the first policy was purchased in Westfield ,Massachusetts.

Initially cars were steered with a tiller. Steering wheels were first introduced in 1898 by a Panhard & Levassor model.

French became the first car manufacturers in the world. Automakers Panhard & Levassor started production in the year 1889 followed by Peugeot in 1891. In U.S, Duryea was the first to start manufacturing motor vehicles . They started production in 1896.

In 1896, Bridget Driscoll died when a passing car hit her in London. The event was the first road traffic death.

At the beginning of 20th century, there were only 8000 cars in the U.S and barely 25,000 cars worldwide. Surprisingly only around 20 cars in Tokyo at that time ! Amazing is the figure in 2002 where numbers show a growth of 21, 200% a whopping 530million cars world wide !!

As old is the history of auto racing as motor vehicles. As the cars underwent numerous technology changes, the fundamentals of auto racing too were subject to metamorphosis. The common name for car racing, Grand prix , came into existence with its first use in the year 1901 in France. Since then, for over a hundred years, the world saw numerous types of auto racing, it emerging as a major sports and champions who became legends.

The use of windshield glass is unavoidable in motor vehicles. The safety of shatter-proof glasses came into existence by its invention by Triplex in the year 1908.

Ford revolutionised the car manufacturing by introducing assembly line for their model Ford-T in the year 1908. The concept of assembly line was to produce automobiles with lesser effort and cost by making the process of production organised. It brought down the affordability of cars to the middle class which once was a plaything for the rich and elite. 15 million model Ts had been manufactured by 1927.

A patent for windscreen wipers was given to Gladstone adams in Britain in 1911 . The first cars fitted with electric windscreen wipers came to the market in 1922.

Americans Francis Davis and George Jessup invented hydraulic power steering system between 1920 and 1926. Chrysler imperial became the first production vehicle to be fitted with this system in 1952.    

In 1929, the car radio was invented by Paul Gavin. He named it as 'Motorola'.

The first car to be fitted with an electrical turn indicator was a Buick in the year 1938.

Electric door locks where first introduced in 1956 , later in 1958 the first remote adjusted side view mirrors was introduced.

Soon the world realized the harmful effects of automobile pollution. The law on emission control was first introduced in california in 1965. After that many safety devices also became mandatory in vehicles.

In 1978 Bosch developed the first Antilock Braking System (ABS) and first appeared in trucks and cars by Mercedes-Benz. ABS helps the driver to maintain the control on the steering while braking.

Realizing the fast pace the crude reserves getting dry, major manufacturers started developing engines that use more than one fuel, the engines were known as hybrid engines. In 1997 Honda and Toyota were the first to introduce cars with hybrid engines. When one buy's the car never remembers the the brains behind the car technologies. It is all this latest innovation that helps to sell the cars in India or any country for that matter.

Following are few of the worlds' top selling cars

Toyota corolla: Had sold more than 35 million ( production started in 1966).

Volkswagen Golf : Sold more than 25 million.

Volkswagen Beetle: 21.5million cars sold till the production ceased by 2003.It is the best selling car in the world whose shape has remained the same as the original design.

Ford Escort : More than 20 million cars produced during 1968-2003.

Ford Model T : In a span of 19 years , more than 15 million cars were produced.

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Top 20 Interesting Car Trivia

The car is one of the most recognizable inventions without which world seems to be unimaginable in the modern era. During the course of evolution of modern day cars, there have emerged various interesting and knowledgeable facts and fictions. These facts and fictions can help us enrich our knowledge about the car industry and also help us know how the actual modern day passenger car came into existence.Car Accessories Store

Here are the top 20 interesting car trivia about cars:

1.The First Japanese car in the United States was the Honda Accord manufactured in November1982.Honda Parts Here

2.Chevrolet Imphala was one such car that had enjoyed a breaking sales record of more than one million in 1965.Chevrolet Parts Here

3.Tata Nano is the world's cheapest car designed with a price tag of Rs 1 Lakh.

4.Ferrari makes a maximum of 14 cars every day.Ferrari Parts Here

5.The first cars used lever instead of steering wheel.

6.The first Porsche 911 was introduced in 1964 and generated a power output of 130 bhp.Porsche Parts Here

7.An airbag takes only 40 milliseconds to inflate after an accident.

8.Windshield wipers were introduced by Mary Anderson, one of the most significant invention by a woman.

9.The first self-propelled car was invented by Nicolas Cugnot in 1769. It was built using three wheels and a steam engine in the front along with the boiler. The car was able to run at a speed of 6 km/h and was first used by French Army to move cannons.

10.In the late 18th century, Issac de Rivaz designed several successful steam-powered cars.

11.The first practical four-stroke engine was invented by the Otto and Langen Company of Deutz, Germany. It was further improved and introduced by Gottlieb Daimler.

12.In 1887, Benz was the first car company to be offered for sale.Benz Parts Here

13.Buick introduced the first electric turn signals in 1938.

14.In 1923, 173 new inventions were introduced by women in the automobile industry.

15.The introduction of first petrol engine in 1885 by Karl Benz was a turning point for the car industry. The car produced by him using his combustion engine took about seven years to became popular.

16.The first automobile in America was built by Charles and Frank Duryea who were earlier known as bicycle manufacturers.

17.In 1860 Jean Lenoir invented the spark plug that forms a significant part of the car engine today.

18.The first car radio was invented in 1929.

19.Ransome Eli Olds was the first person to mass-produce cars to be sold in the USA.

20.The Model T, introduced by the Ford Motor is known to be the first "people's car".Ford Parts Here

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Electric Car Conversion Kit Information

Electric Car Conversion Kit
With quite a few celebrities, such as Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, George Clooney and Tom Hanks driving the current crop of electric cars, and while gasoline prices are presently curving to be upwards of $5 a gallon early next year, I am quite sure they could afford to keep their cars filled up.
Electric Car Conversion Kit
So why are they converting their cars to electric if it is not an issue of cost?
Electric Car Tools, Parts, & Accessories Store

Not including the decrease in operating cost since you no longer have to purchase gasoline, you will be rewarded with a smoother ride, less overall maintenance, a quieter engine, a cleaner running vehicle and some huge tax inducements.
Electric Car Conversion Kit
The usual cost for converting a car to electric can be over $5,000, and while you will save more than the cost of an electric car conversion in a few years of gasoline savings you must make the commitment to take advantage of clean electric cars!
What is the best way to proceed? You have three options: You can purchase one outright, you can use an electric car conversion kit, or you can just build from scratch.

It's not very hard to find a car that you can convert. The most obvious choice is a small truck or SUV, as they have more cargo space to house the batteries.

I am sure that it has crossed your mind that this project is beyond your skill level, and that you will not be able to manage to convert your car to electric, what you need is a detailed plan. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, there should be no issues. There is a shortage of good electric car conversion kits these days, if you manage to lay your hands on a good manual for one, consider yourself lucky!
The few dollars you will have to invest in the project are well worth it. The median cost of the electric car conversion kit is roughly the equivilent of two months worth of gasoline for a commuter.Should you decide to do the responsible thing and take advantage of this opportunity to convert your car from gas to electric, you will enjoy longer driving distances, lower maintenance requirements, huge tax incentives for driving an electric car and best of all, never having to pull into another gas station again.
Should you think the price is too high, consider that gasoline is only going to keep rising in price, and that along with all the other advantages I have mentioned should keep things in perspective for you.

The solution? You can easily change your car into electric car - We call it Electric Car Conversion. Do not be intimidated by the techical aspects of this project, you can easily manage using an electric car conversion kit.

I have already mentioned the vehicle, now you will need a space to work in. A garage or covered driveway is recommended for protection from the elements and you must also have ready access to your tools.

If you can keep yourself focused, and break the larger parts of the task down into smaller parts, it really is quite manageable.
I do not think you will have to worry about this being beyond your ability, if you can follow simple instructions, soon you will be the proud owner of your very own electric car conversion kit.
Since the advent of the internet, and need that might have existed to be a mechanic or engineer has long since past, you can find step by step instructions on the internet for an electric car conversion kit now.
The cost per mile will go down a great deal, and your maintenance cost will be drastically reduced.
Besides, you won't have to worry when gasoline prices rise and you can help save the earth by reducing the greenhouse gases that your produce, as well as your carbon footprint.
Electric Car Tools, Parts, & Accessories Store

So, now that you have decided to do your own electric car conversion kit, you have some choices to make. You can either install an AC motor, or a DC motor. I have done both and the AC motor wins hands down.The advantage of alternating current far outweigh its one disadvantage. Most models of alternating current motors are much lighter for the power output levels, they come with controllers, and they are equipped with regenerative braking.
The cost per unit is however a bit more because of these advantages.

What do you need to get started?

Plans (detailed) for an electric car conversion kit.
A workspace- garage, shop or some similar place, or even your driveway.

A simple set of common tools.

Most importantly, a reliable helper for the heavy lifting.

While there is a list of the best cars and trucks to use in the plans, you must choose which donor vehicle you will use. Proven through three conversions, small trucks and sport utility vehicles are the best.We used an older model Nissan truck for our last electric car conversion kit and it worked out very well indeed. It is very light and there is quite a bit of room to place batteries in the frame or in the box of the truck.After locating the donor vehicle you want to use, you will first have to remove all of the gas engine and exhaust parts. It will not really take long, and you have the option of purchasing a car without the engine at some wrecking yards.That will save you quite a bit of time and expense.
 The alternating current motor is attached directly to the transmission with a simple adapter kit.The placement of the batteries is the most difficult part of this project, and it is critical that you follow the details plans.There must be a balance between the carrying capacity of your vehicle, and the weight of your batteries.More batteries means longer range between charges but also reduces room for passengers or cargo. The choice is yours depending on your driving habits.

After your electric car conversion kit is done and you take your first drive you won't be able to stop smiling, especially when you drive by a gas station and don't have to stop.With a range of over 200 miles, and capable of reaching freeway speeds, your electric car drives just like any other vehicle on the road, except there is never a need to fill it up with gas.

Think about it for a moment, isn't it time you did something about this situation for you and your family? Let's get started!

For your electric car conversion kit, you will have to follow these four essential steps:
The Best Electric Car Conversion Kit Review
1.You must purchase detailed plans. If you want to do a conversion on your own, you will need a step by step guide. This is the most important step. There is nothing difficult about it, if you purchase a good plan, you will suceed
2.Find a good car. The right vehicle for your conversion is also very important. I suggest that you take a small truck. Why small trucks? Small trucks offer a lot of space for the batteries. Actually I had 24 batteries in my first electric car. Furthermore small trucks aren't too heavy. You have to consider the weight of the vehicle. The heavier the car is the faster you'll have to recharge your car.
3. Follow the plans to the letter. Buy the parts and tools you will need for the project. This is the easiest part by far. There is nothing special needed, and you probably own a good portion of the tools you will need.
4.Build it! Follow the plans and you will be fine. I did my first electric car conversion kit in less than two weeks. There really is nothing complicated about it.
What are you waiting for? Gasoline is not getting cheaper!
Electric Car Tools, Parts, & Accessories Store

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Building Electric Car - How Much Will It Cost You?

Electric cars are hot these days. The only problem is you can't really buy one. There are a few available, but they're very expensive. As a result, a lot of people are taking their gas-powered vehicle and doing an electric car conversion. You just need to buy a building electric car kit and follow the directions.
All About Electric Car

What does this involve? You simply need to remove the internal combustion engine of your regular car and put in an electric motor and batteries. That's it. When you're done you'll be driving a zero-emissions vehicle that costs far less than anything using gas.

An electric car conversion can immediately boost the resell value of your car. You also won't have to maintain and repair your electric vehicle as much. Electric engines have fewer components, and most of them don't move. You will need to replace the batteries every few years. That's pretty much the only expense.

If you want to do an electric car conversion, you have to buy a building electric car kit first. You can buy one that comes with parts, but these are expensive. You can also buy much cheaper kits that are detailed sets of instructions that show you, step-by-step, how to set everything up and perform the conversion.

Some of these kits also show you how to get hold of all the parts and tools you need for very little money. Sometimes even for free. These kits can be bought and downloaded right from the internet. A few come with some helpful videos. The price range for these kits is between $30 - $50.

When you've completed your car, it should be able to travel up to 50 mph and go around 100 miles before you need to recharge it. Plus, as an added benefit, you'll get big rebates from the government because you're driving a vehicle that uses alternative fuel.

Detroit car manufacturers are planning their own line of electric vehicles. But they won't be ready for years. You don't have to wait. Simply download an electric car conversion kit and start building electric car today!
Find out how to do an electric cars conversion for as little as $300 at Electric Car Conversion Kits.

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The Dodge for Bachelors

Are you a bachelor who is looking for a hot new ride? If so, then maybe you should consider buying a Dodge Viper SRTlO. This car is perfect for the ideal bachelor lifestyle. It is equipped with the right features which will highlight your characteristics of being a bachelor.
As a bachelor, you are known for your smooth moves. The Dodge Viper SRTlO is known for its fast engine. Its engine even creates that sound which invites people to take a long look at your car. Do not bring this car though when you are traveling unpaved roads. The rough ride will ruin your image.
As a bachelor, you are known for your good looks, the Dodge Viper SRTlO comes in over 75 hot color combinations. Select the color combination that will fit your personality. Remember that your Dodge is an extension of you. Do not make the mistake of picking the wrong color. Also, the Dodge Viper SRTlO can come with leather interior. Get it if you have money to spare. A little cash makes a lot of difference for your image.Your Car Parts For Dodge Store
As a bachelor, you are known for your dating life. The Dodge Viper SRTlO provides the perfect intimate environment you need for dates. The minimal interior space allows you to get to know your dates more. This car model is especially made for two. It is perfect for the single man who is searching for a life partner.
As a bachelor, you are known for your success in business. This Sherwood Dodge Viper SRTlO is an eye candy. You will surely impress many of your business partners if you bring this car to meetings. Moreover, this car model proves your success. It shows that you are financially capable.
As a bachelor, you are known for being outgoing and adventurous. The Sherwood Dodge Viper SRTlO is perfect for long road trips. Make sure that you try flipping the top down. Not only will this allow you to feel the cold breeze, it will also allow you to fully experience your car.
Contact your dealer now to find out more about the Sherwood Dodge Viper SRTlO. This car model has been updated twice. Last year, it was given a canvass top and the leather interior was added a few years back.

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The Latest Trend Of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are the craze these days with their advanced features, modern design, and fuel economy leaving fewer impacts on the environment. The latest models of hybrid cars encompass many new trends that are absent in ordinary vehicles. Some of these latest trends are mentioned below:

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is the ultimate bonus point of a hybrid car. It gives you a lot of leverage on your fuel consumption and the monthly gasoline bills. Although hybrid cars have always been known for their fuel economy capabilities, latest models are more efficient than the older ones. Additionally, they also come at much lower rates as compared to the earliest models of hybrid cars.Your Complete Hybrid Cars Store

The combination of electric motor driver and a gasoline engine helps in a better performance on the road. The electric motor is perfect for a normal driving routine while the gasoline engine can be used on highways and mountainous tracks. The mileage on the electric motor has also been improved in the latest models of hybrid cars.


Hybrid cars have attained an almost unparallel advantage over ordinary cars. The differentiating factor is the availability of sleek designs and modern accessories that come with these vehicles. Most hybrid cars now come with great designs and unique colours. Additionally, they keep the green factor in mind and ensure a complete compliance with the environment safety rules. The designs are thus totally environment friendly.


Apart from the modern design, the latest trend in hybrid cars is the inclusion of technology for driving guidance. Parking assistance software, for example, help in a quick parking of a hybrid vehicle, including a complete guidance of difficult parallel parking. The exterior lights are brighter and consume very less energy as compared to an ordinary vehicle.


The interior of the new breed of hybrid cars is equally plush as is its interior. The modern style seating comes in leather with a high emphasis on the comfort factor. The seats are wider than the older models and are equipped with modern seat adjustment features that are adjusted through a remote control. Entertainment features are also installed including audio system, DVD players and TV screens. One can also install individual LCD screens at the back side of the front seats to give your car a touch of a modern airliner.


Transmission system of the latest hybrid vehicles is that it can accommodate eight different speed levels in a quick succession. The brake system of the new breed of hybrid cars is completely based on electronics and gives a better performance on road. The braking is fast, but does not cause an abrupt braking that can injure the passengers or the vehicle.

New models of hybrid cars come equipped with electronic stability controls that help in a better driving experience and increased road safety. They are also equipped with Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VIDS) that helps the drivers in controlling the vehicle without any difficulty.

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Nissan Leaf goes into production

The Nissan LEAF is the first 100% electric, zero-emission vehicle to be produced for the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Nissan, together with Renault, aims to be the global leader in zero-emission cars. To date, the Alliance has signed 80 partnerships for zero-emission mobility with governments, municipalities and companies worldwide.

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Production of the Leaf marked a milestone in the automotive industry; the Leaf will be produced at the Oppama facility and should be ready to go on sale by December 2010 in Japan and the USA. European markets will be able to buy the Leaf from the early part of 2011.
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Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn at the Nissan LEAF offline ceremony said, "This is a significant milestone, not only for Nissan and the Renault-Nissan Alliance, but also for the entire automotive industry, Consumers are clear. They want sustainable and affordable mobility...and the Alliance is leading the way with cars that deliver exactly that, with the reliability, excitement and performance that consumers demand. The high-quality, innovative Nissan LEAF will radically transform what consumers expect from automobile manufacturers worldwide."

The Nissan Leaf will be produced in line with popular combustion engined models such as the Juke and Cube; it is the same assembly line as where your typical used Nissan Almera in West London would have been built. The assembly line has been modified slightly to enable it to install battery modules during the early part of production.

Hidetoshi Imazu, Executive Vice President of Nissan Manufacturing, said, "Oppama will serve as the 'Mother Plant' for the production of Nissan LEAF. We will use all of the know-how and learning’s from Oppama to ensure the highest quality at all sites that manufacture Nissan EVs."

The Nissan Leaf will be produced in line with popular combustion engined models such as the Juke and Cube; it is the same assembly line as where your typical used Nissan Almera in West London would have been built. The assembly line has been modified slightly to enable it to install battery modules during the early part of production.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ten important checks before a long car journey

When going on a long journey it is important to check your car is in full working order to ensure that it is safe. It is always good to have the car serviced regularly but it is also good to make sure the following important checks, as highlighted by the AA, are made before going on a long journey.

First check the tyres. The correct tread depth and pressure should be ensured as well as checking for cuts in the sidewalls. Check that the spare tyre is also in good order just in case a swap is required. In order to change the tyres in case of a breakdown, a toolkit will also be required containing the minimum of a jack and some sort of key to unlock the nuts on the wheels. Ensure that there is a spare headlight bulb as well as a first aid box.

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Check the dipstick of the engine oil to make sure it is between the minimum and maximum markers. Check this every two weeks at minimum to ensure that the car is safe to drive. If the colour of the engine oil turns black then it will have to be changed at a service stop. Check the Water Coolant levels as they ensure that the water does not freeze as well as produce corrosion. It is especially important to do this in the winter but is also an important check throughout the year. Do this when the engine is cold.

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Check the wiper blades to ensure they are not damaged or worn out and could potentially scratch or damage the window. The wipers have to be in working order at all times just in case it rains heavily. Check this on the front and back windows. In addition, check the windscreen washer fluid as there is a legal requirement for this to be in good working order before being on the roads. Please check the windscreen to ensure it doesn't have any cracks or chips. If it does then these need repairing immediately before the crack gets bigger and un-repairable because then the complete windscreen will need to be replaced.

Car Replacement Parts Store The final check is to ensure that there isn't any dirt on any of the lights and to ensure that they are in good working order (including headlights, tail lights, brake lights and fog lights). Ensure that the power steering works as this is extremely important and if it doesn't work then you could potentially lose control of the vehicle as it will start to feel heavy and un-controllable.

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 Other simple checks include ensuring there is a sufficient amount of fuel in the car, checking that the battery isn't more than 3 years old otherwise it needs to be changed or serviced to ensure it's in good working order. Finally, ensure that the licence plate is visible to all; this is also a legal requirement.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tips to protect car paint

When we buy a car, its color is one of the most important factor influencing your decision. It not only geive your car a tempor but also reflects your personality. But after spending sometime on the road, the only thing it starts reflecting about you is your neglect! Worn out, oxidised paint, doesn't only looks shabby but also reduces the value of your car. There are some easy ways that wont consume much of your valuable time and would keep your car looking great.

Protection from envoironmental factors
One cannot fight nature when it comes todamage your vehicle's paint with rain, dirt, sun, snow or salt. But certainly one needs to learn how to return back the lost luster of your loved auto. For example to protect the car from UV sun rays, you can use you have to use protective coatings and sealants.

Nothing works better than simple old-fashioned washes.

UV rays would take years to corrode the paint. But bird-droppings would only take some days to destroy the paint finish, as they have very high acid levels. Its better to clean them as soon as possible. Another thing the vehicles are always exposed to is the chemical abuse of the air pollutants. This type of damage can also simply be coped up with frequent washes. Often the first rain of the season is highly acidic. So it's a good idea to wash your car, immediately after the downppour.

Professional wash is expensive, but totally worth it.

They simply have better system than the "hose and bucket" method. They have better, specialized cleaners. They clean the car exterior without touching it with anything other than soap or water. Nothing works better for paint, than a non-touch mechanism.

Never air-dry the car. Never leave the washed car under sun or even in shade to air dry. When you leave your car to dry by itself, you are asking for trouble. It will leave water marks which are almost impossible to clean without a professional wash. Make sure the car is dried with a 100% soft cotton towel.

Keep these basic car care tips in mind, the life of your vehicle's appearance is extended and it keeps representing your true personality.Thomas owns a blog with funny pictures and movies updated on daily basis. Take a look and have fun. Visit Tips to protect car paint.

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Primary Things To Consider Before Buying The Car

The availability  of huge amount of  cash is of course the number one thing to consider in  buying a car. Check your budget  if you can afford to buy the car that you wanted to crave. WE can categorize the buyer into two. One who has the money to buy it and the other is the  one who buys  the car within only  the limit  of their  budget . Whether you have the money to buy your dream car or you  just buy the car because the price is just within the limit of your budget, What's the big deal?  big deal. As long as you like the car you bought and most importantly, you are  satisfied.

Before you decide to  buy your dream car  here are some few tips and advice. Check the availability of spare parts and accessories including the service centers nearby your place,  in case there are problems within the warranty period. . Are there nearby service centers in your area? How far  from your place? Are there  nearby auto parts and accessories store in your area ? Are auto parts and accessories for such model are  available?

  Incidents of unavailability of  some spare parts or accessories you wanted to buy cannot be avoided. If the spare parts or accessories is unavailable in auto parts and accessories store nearby your place you can try searching it  in the internet. There are online store that offers free delivery of auto spare parts and accessories.You can also check the They have a vast supply of replacement car parts and car accessories. Click this: Auto Spare parts & Accessories