Saturday, October 5, 2013

Types of Ford F-150 Headlights

If there is any automobile that has immense reputation and popularity in the United States, F-150 is the only model of Ford which has made this accomplishment possible. It is a pickup truck which is a true combination of beauty, power and ability. For some people, it becomes difficult to understand the relationship between beauty and truck. F-150 is not like old and ugly monster trucks that were used for commercial transportation and other business use. Pickup trucks of these days tell a completely different story. They have strength, elegance and status associated with them. It is all achievable with the advancement in lighting technologies.
Earlier there were normal yellow colored incandescent bulbs that existed as car headlights. There were common lights for all models, and no further categorization exists for brands and their respective models. Now, there are several different lights available that are specifically made for Ford F-150 and well-known as F-150 headlights. Numerous stylish options available for this pickup truck are:
CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent light) Halo Projector headlights are positioned on the first place on the basis of users' preferences. These are bolt-on head lamps that produce more focused and sharp beam providing safety to the driver driving in the nighttime. The bulb is placed in front of an elliptical shaped reflector which reflects light towards a single focal point in the bulb front. There are CCFL Halo and bright LED lights that create real magic inside these head lights. These lights are accessible in black, smoked and chrome color options. These CCFL Halo Projector or normal Projector head lamps also come up with HID Xenon kits that give extra brightness by radiating higher, wider and farther light beam than the regular halogen lamps.
Halo LED Projector Headlights are also based on same internal chemistry as owned by CCFL Halo Projector head lamps, but the bulbs used in these lights are LED type. Light Emitting Diode (LED) based bulbs are energy-efficient and produce light with excellent brilliance as compared to other lights. When the HID Xenon kit is installed in the Halo LED Projector, it results in the formation of a new Ford F-150 head light, known as Halo LED Projector with HID Xenon kit.
Euro Headlights are another existing light type that encloses conventional parabolic type reflectors with unique style bulbs. The reflectors used in these lights are multi-faceted. These lights can also be explained as the projector headlights with HID, Halogen or LED bulbs. There might be Halos surrounding this head lamp along with LED running lamps and yellow or red side reflectors. Euro front lights give brilliant illumination and safety during the drive and make the vehicle appears exclusive. There are multiple color options existing in these front lamps. One can add HID kits to euro head lamps producing dazzling light without consuming much battery power.
LED Daytime Running Lights are the light forms that are associated with the headlights, but are used during the daytime. The purpose of these lights is to give protection to the driver during daytime. Here, LED bulbs are used in different shapes and sizes, decreasing the risk of accidents.
All these lighting assemblies are specially designed for the Ford F-150. A person can choose the most suitable light according to his F-150 model year and budget. Although the costs of all these front lights are genuine, but there is a bit variation in the pricing according to technology and specifications. Always prefer the one that best suits your F-150 model.
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